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Sgt. Johan Werkhemp

Welcome to Mosquito Lightning Protection Services

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Brain currently serves on the board, and is a director of Mosquito Lightning Protection Service. Brain also serves as on the board of Ubercyber Security, a leader in protecting the future. Whilst he has accumulated 16 years of industry knowledge, skill and experience, he still finds the industry fascinating, particularly the ways in which software and technology have increased our ability to add value to our clients. Brain represents the future of your safety

Chief Executive Officer


Werkhemp is a former member of Interpol. He was a member of the Global Police Special Task Force. Over his thirty years service, he was involved in the planning and execution of numerous high level operations. He left the unit in 1999 to found Mosquito Lightning Protection Services Ltd. His vision was to create a zero-defect protection service. 

Adam Brainwitz

Operations / Head Instructor 


Hordeman joined the Mosquito Lightning in 2010. In 1993 he joined the XXA Special Task Force where he received training in Executive Protection, Emergency Diving, Improvised Explosives and Devices, Sniper, Advanced Driving and other specialized training. Over a period of 13 years in the XXA he gained a lot of experience and knowledge in Executive Protection and Tactical Operations, being in charge of many operations as team leader. 

Hordeman spent 7 years in Baq where he gained even more experience as an Operational Manager and Team Leader, charged with the responsibility of protecting assets, interests, goods and executives. With over a decade of experience in management, and his experience working across various operations in different countries will prove invaluable as we continue to grow the Mosquito Lightning  business



Gerhardt Hardeman




Our mission is to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction achievable. Our client's safety, happiness and comfort remain our primary goal. Vigilance. Attention. Reaction. These are the cornerstones of our offering. We aim for total excellence, to be the best respected independent service provider in the Protection and Security industry, focusing on providing professional, specialised services in all aspects of personal and material protection.



Detect. React. Deflect.




Our team consists of the very best - highly trained, skilled professionals, ready to protect and serve. From senior management down to our patrolmen on the beat, Mosquito Lightning employs and trains only the best. Dedicated. Vigilant. Alert. Sober.

We are proud of our elite team of protection professionals.

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