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24 Hour Control Centre



We offer 24/7 remote monitoring through our dedicated CCTV control room.:


  • Alert observation, 24 hours a day.

  • Centralised supervision of numerous remote locations.

  • Problems stopped before they escalate to loss, damage or violence.

  • Evidential high quality video recording. 

  • Heat sensitive detection in 'soft-taget' areas.

  • Protection of personnel, patrons, stock and possessions.

  • Information is backed up to offsite computer with exclusive acces, and under full control of Mosquito Lightning.


Off-Site Surveillance is a deterrent for potential crime as criminals know WE ARE WATCHING.

Our state of the art Control Centre is bombproof, and is itself monitored through internal CCTV cameras.

All activities are recorded. Responses and controller actions are logged onto a central database. Our clients have remote viewing access and can log onto their camera’s footage at anytime from anywhere.

Off-Site Surveillance has fast become one of the most valuable and cost effective methods of loss prevention in the security industry today.

Well-positioned cameras reduce crime and protect assets, as well as monitor staff movements, improve productivity and security.


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