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Security is our utmost priority at Mosquito Lightning Protection Services, including Cybersecurity. Thanks to the advanced expertise of our director, Adam Brainwitz, our cybersecurity division is a fast growing division of Mosquito Lightning. In an age of increased inter-connectivity and digital interaction, risk lurk everywhere. Increasingly we are seeing criminals operating in the digitial domain. These cybercriminals and cyberterrorists are active globally, and are skilled at coding crime.  


Protect your data.   Protect your identity.   Protect the future.


Mosquito Lightning Protection Services complements its physical security services with Cybersecurity solutions, which makes our offering truly end-to-end:


Digital Surveillance & Cyber Intelligence


These services consist in continuously monitoring open internet sources, including websites, forums, blogs and
social networks, to find data or news that may pose a threat against the company or any of its employees.

Our services are designed to prevent data leaks, and increase protection against fraud (phishing, cybersquatting, botnets,
malware, etc.). Our team of specialists are capable of acting against any kind of cybercrime.

Pick Mosquito Lightning Protection Services as your partner in a safer cyberfuture.

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