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Mosquito Lightning offers a wide variety of Security products which may be vital for your safety.

Should you require Intrusion, Access Control or CCTV products, we are the best choice for you. 

We also source and stock the latest in protection technology:


Our products include:










  • Infrared Motion Detectors

  • Active Infra-red Beams - Accessories

  • Outdoor Perimeter Protection

  • Smokecloak

  • System Keypads

  • Zone Expander Modules

  • Retina Scanning

  • Door Gas

  • Shock Bags

  • Riot Control Weaponry

  • Audio Glassbreak detectors

  • Magnetic Contacts

  • Temperature Sensors

  • Duct Taping

  • Panic Button/Devices

  • Transmitters and Receivers

  • Web Appropriation Devices

  • Fire Detection

  • Digital Scarecrows

  • Electric and Barbed Wire Fencing

  • Shock Ejector Anti-Hijack System

  • Facial and Action Recognition Software

  • Bullet protection - visible and invisible

  • Access Control

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