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Lie Detection & Interrogation 

Our team of experts are trained in Forensic Psychophysiology, from the best colleges in the world. Mosquito Lightning offers investigators with backgrounds in theft, murder and organized crime, Office of Serious Economic Crime and Public Prosecutors that can be considered as expert witnesses with a wide field of expertise in criminal, financial and corporate investigations. This unit can deploy in any country in the world. Truth is boundless.

Mosquito Lightning Protection Services offer the following comprehensive polygraph and investigation services:


  • Pre-employment – vetting and screening

  • Periodic testing of staff

  • Employee drug testing – individual or mass screening

  • Professional polygraphs – Truth verification and confirming statements

  • Specific incident testing and investigation – theft, fraud and infidelity

  • Finding stolen property –  vehicles, cargo and persons

  • Loss control through background investigations of staff

  • Any type of criminal or private investigation










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