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Tactical Response


Our officers are trustworthy, passionate and experienced. Many of our area managers come from an ex-military or ex-police background, and are subject to rigorous security checks and undergo regular polygraph tests. Training includes the use of firearms, unarmed combat, driving skills and public relations and is done when needed.  All Mosquito protection service's clients with armed response receive 24/7/365 Armed Response and alarm monitoring. Our fleet of tactical response vehicles are the fastest, most reactive vehicles available.


Totally responsive in critical situations,  Mosquito Lightning Protection Services is the undisputed leader in the field of labour disruption security.  Our management has many years of experience in security co-ordination and in RIOT Control globally. Gone are the days where normal security guards or close protection officers, not trained in riot control protect your assets and people. We provide security personnel who are trained to protect people and property during strikes, plant closings and natural disasters. 


Mosquito Lightning DroneRanger


Crowds can get out of control; sometimes very quickly. Constant surveillance of a crowd is critical to providing public safety officers with live video of the situa-tion and how it evolves. With the Mosquito Lightning DroneRanger platform, surveillance/crowd control teams have the ability to constantly monitor the movement and behavior of the crowd. The Mosquito Lightning DroneRanger can be parked or perched in key locations to monitor and survey crowd activity for extended periods of time.



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