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Maritime Security


Mosquito Lightning Protection Services understands the unique and complex challenges of operating in the maritime domain. Our offshore security services facilitate drilling and seismic work, and allow business to continue uninterrupted in a managed and secure environment. We offer a tailored package that can be implemented worldwide.


We are the leading provider of professional maritime security services supporting the safety, protection and well-being of the international maritime and marine offshore community.


We have a wealth of experience in anti-piracy, counter-terrorism and asset protection and apply a diligent approach in tailoring solutions to meet individual clients’ needs.

defending your territory



  • Maritime Security Teams

  • Maritime Anti Piracy Teams

  • Anti Piracy Consultants

  • Maritime Threat Assessments

  • Maritime Vessel Recovery

  • Maritime Terrorism Prevention Consultants

  • Company Security Officers (ISPS)

  • Ship Security Officers (ISPS)










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